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A critical Explication of

Mahendra Bhatnagar’s ' Passion and Compassion'

Dr. Anita Myles



1 Passion and compassion / 1

2 Affection

3 Reality

4 Moment

5 Continuity

6 Nay

7 Expectation

8 Ever deprived

9 Lively

10 Violation

11 Premonition

12 Ascetic

13 Substance

14 Conclusion

15 Comparison

16 Experience

17 Delight

18 Attachment

19 Bewitched

20 Breeze

21 Willing to live

22 Passion and compassion / 2

23 Boon

24 Remembrance

25 Pretext

26 To a distant person

27 Perception

28 The good

29 Sensibility

30 Two poles

31 Distressed

32 Victory celebration

33 Surprise

34 The dream of equality

35 Usurpers

36 Vision

37 Change in environment

38 Transition

39 Prayer

40 Awakening

41 Pleasure giving

42 Change

43 Escape

44 Initiative

45 Marvelous

46 Dream

47 Realism

48 Player

49 Attribute

50 Enlightenment


A critical Explication of

Mahendra Bhatnagar’s ' Passion and Compassion'

Dr. Anita Myles

Mahendra Bhatnagar has been involved with the writing of poetry for the past six decades. 'Passion and Compassion' is his latest collection of fifty poems. Thematically the volume is comprehensive bringing out admirably ,the poet’s perception of society the world over. One has the opportunity to come into close contact with Mahendra Bhatnagar’s varied experiences of life both pleasant as well as unpleasant for he believes that joys and sorrows together comprise the main tenets of human existence. The bitter truths of life are presented adroitly woven within the texture of his prolific and fecund imagination.

The poems compiled in this collection entitled Passion and Compassion revolve around man, the Divine’s extraordinary creation. However, poems depicting the negative qualities of this supreme creation such as lack of humanism, selfishness, greed, desire to usurp what belongs to others, inequality and the corruption among political leaders outnumber the poems which enumerate the blessings of human emotions like love, passion and compassion for those in distress. Nevertheless, the poet is not entirely disturbed by this bleak scenario. His enduring cogent optimism rushes to rescue him enabling him to share his buoyancy about life with the readers. Nature, which occupies a prominent place in his other collections has been reduced to just a few poems in this collection." Bewitched" is one such poem where the poet is enchanted by the fragrance and beauty of the jasmine. So much so that he personifies the creeper and its flowers. To quote the poet:

O the fair coloured!

O the glittering coloured!

O my companion,

Soft and delicate!

From where

You have snatched /stolen

Such bewitching beauty!

Similarly in the poem “Breeze”, the poet personifies the enlivening, redolent breeze for it has the puissance of exhilarating the poet. He solicits to have a life long companionship with the breeze that affords him such comfort and solace. The questions of life and death remain an enigma for the poet as he ponders over the evanescence of man’s existence. We flicker like a lamp and

All of a sudden on any day

The throbbing of the heart will stop.

But then one has to continue traversing thwarting the impediments of life’s journey. The same idea is contained in the poem 'A Moment'. It takes just one moment for the journey of life to come to an end, hence the sensitive poet utterly percipient of fleeting time sincerely exhorts mankind to make the best of the few moments that are at hand and to

live every moment to the fullest


It crushes your existence.

'Willing to Live' spells out the resoluteness of the poet to live stoically in an acrid and afflictive world come what may. The world may be full of bitterness and poison, the path may be extremely long, difficult and solitary but these blazing flames signify the astute realities of life. It would be sheer cowardice to flee into the world of death. No doubt death too is a reality of life but as long as one is alive the battle ought to be fought courageously in the so to say, “I was ever a fighter, so one fight more” in the Browningian sense.

Humanism, infallibly, strikes the keynote of the poems in the collection. Being a thorough humanist poet Mahendra Bhatnagar time and again stresses on the importance of human relationships in this ephemeral universe. 'Initiative' is a long poem devoted to this subject. .Mahendra Bhatnagar is mindful of the fact that to maintain human relationships

It is desirable

To have a softly

Flowing stream

Of patience and peace.

It is only then that the bonds of affection and fraternity are strengthened between man and man. Mutual understanding is the very basis of the 'single family' of mankind. In a country like India even one’s name has the potency of creating apprehension, mistrust suspicion and animosity for the name spells out one’s religion or one’s caste. The poet eagerly anticipates a time to come when names do not bear one’s clan or religion. After all at the root we are all human beings created by the same Divine Power.

In the contemporary scenario of uncertainty and suffering the emotion of love turns out to be a boon—'A gift, life-like!' Love reiterates words of comfort and solace having the inert potency to subdue the onslaughts of misfortune. Such feelings of oneness and brotherhood are to be treasured forever. Hence the poet states emphatically:

The feeling of love and affection


Is the best choice in the creation!

The above lines anticipate Matthew Arnold, who in spite of his cynical attitude to life believed in the creative power of love exhorting, “Ah! Love let us be true to one another”. .

Two poems in the collection bearing the same title, that is, 'Passion and Compassion' re-establish the fact that only passion and compassion for human beings can make the tempestuous journey of life endurable. Bonds of affection, according to the poet, are the strongest to keep humanity together. To quote the poet :

Let the waving wick of love

Go on burning

In both of our hearts!

Let the mutual emotion

And compassion

Of our living souls

Go on cherishing!

The positive emotion of love takes away 'the sting of loneliness' from human existence more so when one has become old and lost his so called utility in society. The poet’s heart reaches the suffering humanity simultaneously intensifying his desire to do something concrete and worthwhile for mankind.

While pondering upon the paucity of passion and compassion in this world Mahendra Bhatnagar is invariably compelled to take into account the existing selfishness, materialism and all round corruption in life. He is extremely agonized to note that political leaders, the representatives of the masses fail to be their well wishers and prefer to become usurpers. These leaders are not at all abashed to be enjoying the comforts and pleasures derived from ill begotten gains while

There are people,

Thirsty and starved, weak, dispossessed. .. .scared


Oppressed, unorganized

Exploited/Deceived And suspicious!

The poem 'Distressed' is a dismal portraiture of a poor man’s plight during floods when everything has been washed away by heavy rains ironically enough the ministers and leaders fly over in aircrafts for an aerial view. The heartlessness of such leaders and their sycophants is further accentuated in 'Victory Celebration'.' Usurpers' records the poet’s utter sense of dismay at those who rejoice after looting and grabbing what does not really belong to them. Then they very arrogantly forge documents to make it all their own legal possessions .With a heavy heart the poet seeks a solution to this reality of contemporary life. He writes:

Is there any medicine

For this

Contagious social disease?

True enough to grab and to usurp what belongs to others is indeed an incurable contagious disease. Such people lose their 'human identity',

How much the man,

Has become selfish!

He is happy

Getting a little profit

By selling his integrity!

The poet reminds us of the fact that this deception has existed in every age; man is inextricably bound to the 'cruel wheel of exploitation!' Yet he steadfastly believes that those who uphold equality will never accept defeat. He anticipates a change in the offing. Mahendra Bhatnagar thereby emerges as an ardent patriot entreating the readers to share his concern for bleeding India, sanguinely envisioning a gradual change for the barriers of fortitude may give way any day.

Mahendra Bhatnagar’s painting a doleful picture of hypocrisy and corruption in no way brands him as a poet of pessimism. Inspite of these crude realities of life the poet advocates hope and optimism. In 'Change in Environment' he visualizes a new socio­economic order in the future when

Those exploited and oppressed

Have awakened,

And have become the architect

Of a new age!

He is sure that the 'wheel of human progress' will always move forward, never backwards. An awakening is the need of the hour. He confidently exhorts the people

Let your heart

Be in high spirits

And your search for

Your goal should not stop!

Dejection and frustration lead to the ultimate doom of mankind. In the poem 'Enlightenment' the poet admits that the bitter experiences of life have taught him innumerable lessons. He has gained maturity and has realized “the meanness of men”, But then “men have to live/with mutual understanding” for the poet visualizes the world as “a single family”. The realities of life make one wiser and tougher. The artificially created barriers of caste and creed also have to be dismantled enabling joys and sorrows to be shared, completely annihilating the feelings of alienation. The poet’s optimism is based on passion and compassion for mankind. Mahendra Bhatnagar curtly suggests the solution to this enigma in something as elementary as the inculcation of humaneness in every citizen of India.

Mahendra Bhatnagar may well be termed as the poet of feelings as thematically his poems are steeped in feelings and emotions. Stylistically also the poet makes use of appropriate sensuous images to give deeper meaning to his thoughts. Several poems exhibit the warmth of the poet’s heart. The befitting application of imagery is noteworthy for it appends flavour and gusto to the poet’s expression. Nature imagery finds unforgettable and original metaphorical expressions such as “roar of clouds”, “cool water showers”, “rustling breeze”, etc. Personifications abound, while some poems are exquisitely pictorial, vivid and realistic. A fine juxtaposition of symbols, images and metaphors, successfully transports the reader into the poet’s world.

The appropriate use of words and phrases reveals Mahendra Bhatnagar’s ability to be a conscious artist and a meticulous craftsman. The subtle use of words not only enhances the emotional appeal of the poems but also gratifies the aesthetic sense of the readers. The poet unhesitatingly engages irony and satire while graphically exposing the hypocrisy of the national leaders of today. Mahendra Bhatnagar flagellates smarting criticism against time serving politicians, simultaneously acerbating his personal agony at the miserable plight of his fellow beings in poems like 'Distressed' and 'Usurpers'.

Thematically speaking, the poems of Bhatnagar are not at all skeptical and defeatist though they enumerate the seamy side of life. His is the minute observation of a realist backed by his rich personal experiences. Each poem in the collection is conclusive in itself and the overall message by the poet vacillates around the spirit of action, the expectation of progression and faith in oneself leading to optimism, stoicism and sanguinity. These poems are undoubtedly steeped in extreme signification for modem man who is, forever, contending, and disconcerted, perplexed tending to be a schizoid. The optimistic scholium of the poet will certainly provide the urgently necessitous men relaxation to the readers in general and an aurea mediocritus to the anomie coeval soci, for eventual endurance in particular.

Carlyle stated that “poetry is not merely a criticism of life; it is the very truth of life, very essence of man’s sublime quest for reaching the kingdom of eternal bliss.” This statement about poetry stands true for the poems of Mahendra Bhatnagar. His poems are not just a criticism of life around him but they culminate in the very essence of life, perennial quest for truth which would in turn lead to eternal bliss. Mahendra Bhatnagar’s poetry is spontaneous for it is indeed, the voice of his soul. His poetry leads one out of the shades of mystery into the light of knowledge of eternity. Good poetry reveals the poet’s attitude towards life. It is the transcript of the poet’s thought and feelings with regard to a particular aspect of human life. Critics by common consent hold that good poetry should deal with the experiences of life in such a way that it inspires man to subsist nobly, a dictum well applicable to the poems of Mahendra Bhatnagar.Through aphoristic phraseology and pithy metaphors, he has successfully painted his ideas and experiences of life so that others may benefit as well without any reservations because the pain and suffering about which the poet writes are universal in nature but are also surmountable.


(1) Passion and Compassion / 1

All things are forgotten ...


Those moments of passion

Soaked in intimacy

And those experienced moments

Of the blazing flames of relationships!

The bonds of affection

Among men

Are the living commitments

Which bind them together

In their common path.

They are only remembered!


Now and then

They shower upon

An awakened lonely moment of night

Caught in the grip of pain,

And in the sinking weary heart,

Heavy and detached,

Turning into tears




They are neither rare

Nor precious

Not at all available

On earth or in heaven

Tears ... of unique love,

Of the soul

Of expanse unfathomable!

A dark cloud of tears surges

From the deep undiscovered

Pilgrimage of the heart,

And then ...

At that moment when

The splendour of holy feelings

Spreads on the face –

Both eyes filled with tears,

The edge of the sari1 wipes them away!


1- Length of cloth worn by Indian women.



No end

Of the path

We keep on walking!


Spread out on far off lands

Never becomes less

Even a little!

Like a flickering lamp

Day and night

We keep on burning!

Only a few moments

Are left for me

All of a sudden on any day

The throbbing of the heart will stop!

Knowingly all

We keep on deceiving death!

At each and every step

How can one find his goals?

In life

There are only heaps of pebbles,

Where are pearls?



A moment

Only a moment

Snatches away


All of a sudden!

Yes, only a moment!

Every moment

Has its own mysterious meaning,

It creates

Its own whole history.

Again and again.

That is why it is essential –

You live every moment to the fullest


It crushes your existence!

Proclaiming its importance!

Every moment

Slips away silently

In a similar measured pace


Countless mishaps!



Becoming indifferent ...

In seclusion,

On the experiences of my life

When I brood on peacefully –

I peep through

My inner past

Extinct –

Hazy pictures,

Relevant or irrelevant

Devoid of any harmony,

Order broken

Emerge disorderly!

Then all of a sudden

Taking a turn on my own accord

I return

To the present!

To the entanglements of earthly life!


(6) NAY


How one can be

A stranger

In a crowd!


How can one bear

The sting of loneliness

In a surging crowd!


How one can say

His word to anyone

In the noise

Of countless voices!



Now and then at least

Someone shall love us!

In a life of loneliness

Absolutely desolate,

In a life

Thrown out forcibly

In a deep well,

In a life that suffered

Merciless blows and assaults,

At least

Someone shall like us,

Applaud us!

At least let us get

Good wishes

Or goodwill of someone!

In curse - scorched world

In sorrow spread all around

Someone should be sympathetic

Some time ever!

In an intense electrified

Suffocating atmosphere

When the unrest resounds

Heart rending

Shriek and scream,

Burning in flames

The ruined life

Confined in a prison!

In those disastrous moments

A desire springs up

That someone shall like us,


Now and then!



All my life

I was alone,

Unseen –

Ever neglected,

Totally ignored!

All my life,

On my own strength

I have borne

The raids of storms!

All my life

An imbroglio

Remained stationary

as before!

All my life

I bore unbearable

Agony and pain!

To anyone

Never I did say

Any word for help!

I burnt myself

In the fire of curse!

I could not find anyone

Who can soothe

My oozing wounds –

Even for a while

The rapid hailstorm

Never stopped!


I wandered

In the realm of dearth –

In home,

in cities and in villages!

Here and there

I don't know when and where!



I stay on amassing pain!

O, I stay on

Amassing how much grief!

I stay on

Amassing pain and grief

Of many-many years!

I was awake throughout nights

I was awake throughout days

I was awake throughout my life

I stay on

Wrapping up my body

With much dirt and brownish dust!

My feet got stuck in the mire.

Serpents coiled around

My neck and ankles,

I am bound by cobras

Black and venomous!

I stay on

Spreading fire on my bed!


Shooting out flames of fire

Keeping it ablaze!



Faith in perpetual relations –

Yes, the faith of many a birth

Turns meaningless

All of a sudden!

O the sense of belonging

Piled up for many an year

Vanishes in a moment!

When the dam

Of ethical self-restriction

Breaks down

Like playing cards,

The charged electric wires,

That wind

The self imposed boundaries

Suddenly become lifeless!

Boundaries vanish,

The legs resting,

The legs trembling and faltering

Begin to leap forward!

Pure worship,

The hard acquired devotion

Is breached!

The virtuous actions

Turn shallow,

The so called truthful pledges

Get falsified,

All the pledges and promises

Become meaningless!

And –

Love becomes a synonym

For extreme selfishness!

Definitions of sin and virtue


Their opinion,

Deception –

Of the union of souls

In its naked form,

In its real form


Iron pillars of restraint

Break and tumble down,

The girders of discretion


Are swept away

Like blades of grass!

When the seism of lust

Or of 'ardent love'

Makes whole body tremble,

Every strong pivot

Of the mind totters!

Then, the man forgets

His past, present and future!



We have left

Far behind

The half burnt corpses

Of love-relationships

and enmities!


and rolling restlessly

For ages

The dying sound

has become silent.

By this time –

The dried up remnants

Might have been lost

In the air!

Swept away

In countless


I didn't return

Since my departure!


Why the

ghostly shadow

Stares at me?


It is

the ultimate end

Of my whole existence!

Every volcano

On one day

Has to cool down!

Has to disappear




The people –

Are dejected so much that

They commit suicide

In the state of their restlessness!


lose the balance

Of their body and mind!

And in their perturbed mood

They weep – without a reason!

They laugh – without a reason!


Until now you are

Steady, self centered, calm, alive

And balanced!

In fact

For him, who had lived asceticism

There is no difference

Between dying and living!

For him

There is no difference


Drinking poison or nectar!




Why you are wonder-struck

When you are of no use

To anyone

Why should anyone

Come to you?

Keep quiet,

Bear everything!

Lie down

Suffer patiently

Here or there!

Let someone listen to

Your experiences

Let someone listen to

Your tale

No time is there

For anyone!

Useless –

To expect it

From anyone!

It is better

If you write

On the walls of an empty room,

If you portray

Your heart

In different colours!

Perhaps, someone at some moment

May read or ponder over!


You put

Your tragic tale

In any recording deck

In your own voice!

Perhaps, someone may listen

At sometime!


Be assured –

The stink

May not spread anywhere

Hence at once, be assured

Surely the people

Burying you in pit

Or entombing you


giving you a pompous burning


Turn you into ashes!


They will complete

The last ritual




Logical thinking

On pros and cons

Is essential

(As far as possible).

Discussion should be mature

Whatever time it may take.

For judging substance

Profound thinking,

Logic and investigation

Are essential

From every angle desired.

For whatever happened

In life –

Is stable forever

Not even a chance given

For the rectification of mistakes.

Impossible to change

The past deeds

Even a little.

It's true –

You yourself are

The doer and the judge

But not the controller

You are detached

From the outcome or result


Proved it is –

Life : a test difficult,

At every moment

A test, difficult.

Keep on observing

Count every breath

Accept and adopt

That lies before you!




Is not a book

So that

It can be written / composed

In a planned way

After profound thinking!

Its contents –

May be divided into

Successive chapters


Heart touching contexts

May be sorted out!

By self-experience and practice

It may be moulded

Into beautiful and artistic form,

Making it radiant

In the glare of craftsmanship

Devoid of laxity

And burdensomeness!

The tale of life

By itself accomplished or gets spoiled

And never links the preceding !

Who knows

What is going to happen

What is going to be moulded

And mended

When everything

Gets spoiled with a jolt!

In the tale-flow of life

Nothing is pre-planned

Nothing is desirable or undesirable

No premonition,

No effort and no exertion!

Well thought over

Moves of chess

Begin to move

Like a defective computer,

And deceives

Even the controller,

Then the stake won almost

Turns into defeat!

Or at once

The vanished present

Descends from that very sequence

Once again

Like the result of an earthquake

Like its very form as before!



What have I done?

Throughout my life

Except doing

strange foolish things,

Except paying

The debt imposed

by society?

Mistakes done

Plenty of mistakes done,

I missed

I missed every time!

Let me say like this –

I lived;


Have I learnt

the way of living?

(Have I practiced the style of hypocrisy!)

And now

when everything happened

And perished –

I am wonder-struck,

Too much wonder-struck!

I am a destitute of wisdom!

I trusted


Close to me

Blindly I trusted them!

And the rascals

Have looted

My entire home and hearth,

And destroyed

The beauty and embellishments

of life!

They were hypocrites, masks,

They were spurious

In the garb of truth,

Strange and wonderful!

At the fag end of my life,

At the stage of catastrophe,

Nearly at the end

of the play,

When I stood face to face

Before the truth

Hung on the cross –

I have experienced

Countless electric shocks

Dangerous sparks!

My body and mind


By twisting pain!

All are amazing

Everything is peculiar!

Where is my existence?

Only is my statue

Dumb and lifeless!


What is left out


Tasting the bitter juice of repentance?

The world

Does not possess

Even a little

shame and modesty

Either in the past

Or in the present.



Clouds have overcast

Clouds have overspread!

Lightning flashed

All around,

The earth

Emits sweet fragrance!

Since ages

The earth

Was alone

In separation dry

Bored and restless,

Became Suhaagin1

Blessed with union

With her dear cloud,

And the empty sky


With the roar of clouds!

Rain has started

Rain has started!

The thick clouds


Began to surge,

The bright blackish beauty

Spread all around!

A bride,

Swinging in joyful mood

Visited each and every house

And sung Kajlee2 folk-song

In tunes melodious.

Clouds have spread

Rain has started!


1- Woman whose husband is alive.

2- A folk-song sung in an indigenous month of Bhaadon by village-women of India.



As the day breaks –

Little and gentle birds

Wake and get rise me up

Flying, peeping curiously

And chirping melodiously

Through doors and windows!

When the night falls

Now and then

Crickets and frogs

Make me sleep

From ponds nearby,

By their incessant singing,

Make me wander

And take me to those

New realms of fancy!

Throughout the day

The blue sky, formless and infinite

Bewitches me

Through its colourful scenes!

Throughout the night –

How much

the moonlight

Sleeping on the bed of the sky

Covered by a bed sheet


with beautiful silvery-golden stars,

Charms me how much!

She invites me to sleep in her lap.

How I can run away

From such a beloved?

How can I leave the earth

So charming and captivating!



You are a deep puzzle,

O, creeper – jasmine!

From where

you brought

Such fascinating fragrance

In your flowers / in your body!

O the fair coloured !

O the glittering coloured!

O my companion,

soft and delicate!

From where

you have snatched / stolen

Such bewitching beauty!


I experience

This fragrance,

Outer and inner

Of the body and soul –

I forget


And my own existence!

For some moments

I lose myself

in this world

I submit myself

Before you

With devotion utmost!

The fragrant one!

The beautiful one!

You the creeper – jasmine!



O My dear Breeze,

Pleasant, fragrant

and intoxicated!

Flow towards me

Slowly and gently!


Cool water showers

On my

body and mind!

O My dear Breeze,


and intoxicating!

Without any hesitation

You advance

And get a warm touch

of my body!

O rustling breeze,

Pouring forth

Sweet utterances and melodies!

Convey to my ears

An unheard secret

Of your mind

Calmly and silently!


Overwhelm me!


Come to my embrace

Breaking the bonds of shyness,

And get attached to me

In a life-long bond!




Today, when I saw you –

I want to live further!

Passing through

The solitary path of life

Long and difficult,

Burning every moment,

In the realty of life

And in its blazing flames,



When I saw you –

I want to drink

A bit more of poison!

In this life

Brimming with bitterness

I want to live further!

Until now

O worldly delight!

Where were you?

O you the lotus -blue !



You –

Create music [rhythm]

in heart,


Will sing

The song of life!

In this way

Let our age go on


Let the throbbing breaths

In our hearts

Move on!

Let the waving wick of love

Go on burning

In both of our hearts!

Let the mutual emotion

And compassion

Of our living souls

Go on cherishing!


Tell a story

Of enchanting love,

Listening which


Can sleep


for a while!

And lose myself

In sweet and charming dreams

Forsaking my

Entire grief!

You –

Make your tears of love

Overflow towards me,

I –

Will make

The splendour of heaven

To stoop down

At your feet!


(23) BOON

Reminded I am

Of your love!

On one day

You, on your own accord

Bestowed upon me

A world of silvery beauty and charm!

Eye-catching festoons!

Were decorated

At each and every door!

Reminded I am

Of your love

A gift, life-like!



Reminded I am

Of your words of solace!


By fatal blows of misfortune

I came to you

To get consolation

In your lap!

O My sweet maiden

Brimming with compassion

And with unbridled emotion

At once

On your own accord

You have fallen in love with me!

You have filled

My wounded and poisoned heart

With your sweet

sugar-candy lke words of peace!

Now you stand before me

And look at me

Opening the doors of your heart!


Reminded I am

Of your charming words of consolation!



I am reminded of

Your fake sulkiness!

To feel the happiness

Of persuasion

To fill the boring moments

Burdened by monotony

With ever new


Colours of life,

I am reminded

Of your fake sulkiness!

To behold

Again and again

The past love

Of many a birth,

And through this pretext

To keep the auspicious lamp

Of our spiritual union

On the threshold!

I am reminded

Of your fake sulkiness!

I like very much

Your fake sulkiness full of love

Of bygone days!



Your recollection

is enough

For spending the rest of my life



Diminish the feelings

Of your remembrance,

The pangs of your separation

Are enough!

Until today

I have kept with care

The trust-treasure of your feelings

In my mind.

For living long

It is enough

Only to render them

Into sweet songs!



Forget that –

We met


All the pictures painted

Were mere dreams!

Forget –

The colours,

The blooms,

The streams of desires


Gushing through

The body and the mind!

Forget –

Every past moment,

And the music and the song

Sung and heard!



The feeling of love and affection


Is the best choice in the creation!

The feeling of love and affection

Of man

In the world of men

In the all human society!

Let the entire compassion

Of man remain

Amidst all living beings!

It alone

Is the great best worship!

Let every man

of the world


Always / ceaselessly

In this pure best worship!

Let only this desire,

Simple, candid, innocent, guileless


In each and every man!



Alas, had I cleansed my face with tears,

Had I sown the seeds of love in my mind,

Had I lost my joy and wealth

For the well being of the unfortunate humanity!



Human society

Is clearly divided into –

The competent / And the helpless!

On one side –

Are corrupt political parties

And their wicked followers,

Enriched by comfortable facilities

And they are happy

Amassing gold and riches.

They are easy going ,

And masters and sycophants!

They have bungalows, / Brothels,

Undergrounds and bunkers ;

They are enjoying

All sorts of rare gifts,

Amazement, astonishments!

On the other side –

There are people,

Thirsty and starved, weak, dispossessed ... scared


Oppressed, unorganized

Busy in work

In the fields and villages, / On the roads and in cities,

Exploited / Deceived / And suspicious!



The rain

Does not stop

Even for a while,

Never gives

Even a bit of relief

To those villages and localities

Submerged under water!

As a matter of fact,

A calamity

Has befallen this year,

Deva, stood aloof,

Calm and dumb-founded!

His mud-hut,

Thatched roof collapsed,

Only, his household goods

Turned upside down!

Flour and pulses

Were swept away,

Deva, remained hungry!

Firewood soaked,

Earthen hearth will not light up

In the kitchen

Other things remaining

Were floating..

Roaring aircrafts in the sky

Like flying vultures!


The leaders / ministers

Have arrived

To have a stroll!

Mourning spread all around

In the North and the South

And in the East and the West!

Grievous is that

The rain didn't stop!



The fondling leader of the party

Has arrived at the airport

on a special plane.

The favourite leader

Of the congress party

Has arrived at the railway station

By 'Shatabdy Express'1,

The victorious leader

Of the party

Has arrived by

'A-C Ambassador'

The crowds in thousands



Have arrived

To take part in triumphal cheers

And to blow singa2,

to beat kettledrum, to play tom-tom


They are the herds

Of useless domestic 'goats',

Of the harmless stupid 'sheep'

draped in shawls,

Of stout wild 'boars',

And of scared and coward 'jackals'.

Uttering 'mae-mae' like goats,

Growling like pigs,

Crying like jackals!

They shout -



.. the opponent!

They celebrate the victory

Of their 'Gabbar'3 leader!


1- Name of a train.

2- A musical instrument.

3- A dacoit in the Hindi flim 'Shole'.



How much the man

Has become selfish!

He is happy

Getting a little profit

By selling his integrity!

He has voted

For Satan

Taking a few bucks,

He didn't know

The meaning of 'self-respect' –

And happily swallows insult!

To please the ministers

He stands in front of them

Like a puppet lifeless,

Looks like an unfamiliar one –

He lost his

Human identity!



World history

is the witness –

In every age only those,

Who offered their lives

To the blazing flames

Of deficiencies,

Had burnt their youth

Since generations

In fighting injustice

And in changing the system,

Only they

Were deceived

In every age,

And were crushed


In every age


In the cruel wheel of exploitation!


Went on


More and more,

The economic gap

Went on widening!

The rich became more resourceful,

The poor became poorer

Having no monetary importance

Losing more and more

Became nervous

And miserable!


The world history

Is the witness –

The sense of equality

Among men,

Will not be dormant,

And never admits defeat!

It never falters

Without reaching its goal

And the man,

Even for a moment

Will neither go astray nor move away

On the path of equality

Being hindered

And becoming helpless!



Rascals –

They are ready

To deceive,

To cheat the weak

And the straight-forward!

Rascals they are –

They hide

In an ambush


To deliver deadly assaults!

Rascals they are –

Frauds, hypocrites,


Ready to grab,

To loot, to steal,

To show cunningness


to indulge

in direct fist-attacks!

Rascals they are –

They grab property

Legally inherited

from ancestors

And other belongings

Squander wealth

Squander wealth

Using their polluted mind,

Turning arrogant,


And fearless!

And are preparing

Fake documents.

What a wonder!

What an amazing wonder!



O you, the vanquished

In the bitter struggle of life!

O you, beaten by misfortune

At every step!

Don't mourn


Dense darkness spread all around.

Don't lose your spirit!

Treat your defeat

As a prior intimation to your victory,

Treat the darkness

As the background of sunrise!

Let this dam of faith

not crack!

Let this dream of new age

not break!

Let this thread of feeling

not be loosened!



How much

The season has changed!

New looks

All around!

The dream

Which was foreseen

Has become true,

We have our grip

On our life

And on our fortunes!

The measure of equality

We have adopted

Has flourished

And expanded beyond limits!

That laid the foundation

For a new socio-economic order!

Those exploited and oppressed

Have awakened,

And have become the architects

Of a new age!

The sky echoed by the slogans

Of the feelings of equality!

How much

The season has changed!




The earth is ours,

The Sky is ours!


The sun rose

And the light has spread

All around!

Have full confidence,

We will be free


This wheel of human-progress

Never turns back

History is the witness!


Metaphysical knowledge,

Testified by experiment,

Is with us!



O sun,

The blazing red sun!


My dejected heart

With the fire of life!

Give smartness to my body,

Inactive and tired,

And make it move forward!


The spread out

Snow and thick darkness

With your dazzling golden sunshine!

O sun,

The blazing red sun!



Neither I was disappointed / nor dejected!

It is true –

All my efforts were useless.

I could not succeed,

But I am

Not at all restless!

At every time

Let the blows of defeat

Become a source of your strength,

Let your mind, engaged in work,

Be filled always

With virility and vigour!

Let your heart

Be in high spirits

And your search for

Your goal not stop!

Let your search for

The object of your longing

Should not stop

At any time, at any cost!

Certainly , doomed you are

If you are dejected!

Ruined you are

If you are frustrated!



In lands far off and nearby

I have searched and found

My co-believers and co-workers.

And in a mysterious way

Every limb of my body

Is tied to them naturally

By unbreakable strings,

From all the four sides

By strong threads!

Now, am I alone?

Today, how big

My family has become

All of a sudden!

While departing

In what measure

This love, pure and intense,

Has showered on my soul

Giving it a splendid bath!

In abundance!

The empty lake of my heart

Is brimming full with ripples

From all the sides!



Change the direction

Of the wind!

Blowing towards

towns and villages,

Carrying the stench

Of decaying carcasses!

Beware of it

And change the direction

Of the blowing wind,


By poisonous alcoholic gases

And hangs around in the sky

Above the towns and villages!



What wind is blowing!

When everyone

Thinks only

of his own interest,


the share of others,

Whatever they may

suffer agonies !

When everyone

Cuts off

the bones of others

And snatches them,

To enrich himself!

Is there any medicine

For this

Contagious social


What wind is blowing!



If –

It is desirable

To have a softly

flowing stream

Of patience and peace

In the nervous,

Scared and tormented

Localities / Cities / All countries,

If –

It is desirable

To have bonds of affection and fraternity

Between man and man,

Then –

The man,

Caught and lost

In the caves

Of irrational blind beliefs,

Has to become a modern human being,

He has to create

A new sociology

Suited to his age!

He has to build

A new and lofty

Human civilization

On the ground of scientific thought


All irrelevant and hollow

Religious owls

And their ostentations.

He has to advance

In a new direction

With full dedication

In the new light!

He has to mould himself

In his natural form

Accepting the best

Human relations.

With utmost confidence

He has to move forward

Continuously and tirelessly

On the path

Of eternal peace!

He has to establish

'The eternal truth of humanity'

In the place of

Imagined divine power!

Men have to live

With mutual understanding

Knowing and accepting

That the entire universe

Is a single family!

Struggling with

The contemporary challenges

He has to opt for

The reality of life!

He has to brood over

The passionate feelings and thoughts

Of each and every man!



Why a man –

With love

and affection

Never looks at a man

Belonging to other religion?

He considers him as an alien

And very often

Treats him as his foe!

Oh, finding an occasion

He never hesitates

To trouble him

And wants

To uproot him!

At his very sight

He feels


A dense cloud of malice


All around!

How it happens?

Why it happens?

What a sort of man is he?

O, a wonderful man

How is he?

Well, Ah! Miracle

He belongs to an unique religion!


Like death,

He is dreadful and abhorrent!

He who believes

And thinks

The people of other religions




(46) DREAM

Some Bhatnagar,

Insane and crazy,

Has killed

The honourable Prime Minister .....

By shooting at him!!

When the news spread


People gathered around me ....

'He is Bhatnagar,

Kill ... kill this bloody fellow!

He is a murderer ... a murderer!'

I explained them very much,

I explained to them

In a screaming voice –

'Brothers, I am not 'The Bhatnagar'

Of that kind!

O it is my actual name,

But not my surname!

I am

'Mahendrabhatnagar' or 'Mahendra',

I am not 'Bhatnagar' or 'Vatnagar',

Brothers, never!

Just, you think

And understand me a little!

But, when the crowd thinks?

When it listens to truth or logic?

All the people pounced on me

And turned my house into ashes!!

Let history testify


When and where

Has suffered this horror?

Has endured this tyranny?

When and where

In such a mood of beastliness

The human society

Losing its way

Has gone out of bounds ?


Our dynasty, / Our religion

Is linked to names,

Pen names or nick names?

Let someone say in a natural way –

I am a Christian or a Muslim

Or a Hindu

[One of the 'karyasthas' 1

'a great fool – a shudra'2]

Let him say

That 'my name is - Mahendrabhatnagar',

In which is hidden

Neither my clan nor my religion!

[No secret whatsoever!]

So it is not right to say –

'What is there in a name!'


'Don't ask the caste of a Sadhu3

O Kabir4!

Will someone will comply

With your word?

After all,

When someone will accept your word?

In an 'educated' society,

In a 'civilized and well cultured society'

How much secure is the man?

How much insecure is the man?

O all knowing Almighty,

Give the witness truthful!



Living life –

Is difficult, unbearable

And burdensome!

As if

It is a dreadful ride

On two boats!

There is a saw,

Poison smeared and double edged,

There is a sharpened dagger

Close to the throat!

There is a noose around the neck,

Bewildered at every time!

Running and fighting

All around!

The full-moon night

Has vanished,

And only the dense darkness

Has spread everywhere!

Living life –

Is a compulsion!

Too much burdensome!



I am running

Without a pause,

I am running

Untired and constantly!

Day and night,

Night and day

Panting and bewildered,

Now and then


And rising,

Yet I keep on running

In quick succession!

[with a crash!]

It looks –

Keep on running ceaselessly

All my life

Is my fate only!

I am running constantly

Breaking the limitations

Of the time fixed!

Without competing with anyone

Absolutely alone!

Look –

How I am running


And faster!

I am swimming,

Swimming without a pause

Day and night

Night and day

Jerking and pushing

Both my hands and legs

Here and there

Without giving up,

I keep on swimming

Disgorging foam

Again and again!

It is not a cool

Olympic swimming pool,

But a boiling hot water tank

Emitting fumes!

On its chest


How I am swimming


In utter disarray!

No other swimmer

Is there nearby,

I am swimming alone

In a wavy motion

Like a fish!

Now it looks –

It may not be safe,

My legs and hands

May turn stiff and stiffer!


Still, surely

I keep on swimming!

Keep on swimming!


I have seen very well

Corpses were afloat

On the fleeting waves!

Jumping repeatedly

High and long,

I keep on leaping and jumping

Day in and day out,

Like a ball

I keep on rebounding

Again and again!

Like a blockhead

I keep on jumping and leaping


Again and again!

I have broken

The earlier records.

It looks

The scales will be small!

I am lifting the weights

One after another,

Weighty and weightier

And taking them

Here and there

To far off places–

From one room to another room,

From one house to another house,

From one village to another village,

From one city to another city,

From the blazing deserts

To the icy lands

And from plains

To the high mountain terrains!


The realm of high heavens

Shudders by my roaring,

The world of the dead

Is scared to see my form!

Certain it is –

Every heart attack

Will be defeated

And every paralysis

Will be crippled

By the soul immortal!

Industrious am I

Will keep on living,

Will remain

Brim with life

Free and liberated!



It is

The man -

Who can face

any disaster!

He plays fearlessly

With the strong blows

of hostile storms

And with dreadful reverse currents!

The fast moving

chariot of his life

Never stops,

Though got struck

Or caught somewhere!

He, at once,

With the power of his intellect

Or with the might of his arms

Pushes it aside

Without getting tired or defeated!

It is the man


Who can face

All calamities!



Bitter experiences,

Have given me


The meanness of man

Has taught me

How to live rightly!


Has revealed to me

The secret of life

Liberating me

From the spell of fascination!

Then alone

I could sing

The song of pain

When the age

Tormented me ruthlessly!

Then alone

I could know

The secret of life and of the world

When I was badly hurt

By my own-selves and by others!


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