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[19 Lyrics]






107- Sing

108- A Wish

109- Who are You?

110- To the Moon

111- The Beauty of the Sleeping Moon

112- Moon Light

113- No Grievance

114- Lust for Life

115- Winter

116- Winter-Wet

117- O, Wind!

118- New Life

119- We Know it Well

120- Keep Awake / Remain Watchful

121- Helpless

122- One Night

123- Suddenly

124- Welcome

125- Passion and Compassion


[107] SING


Sing; so that life a lyric may become !

Man is helpless at each step,

Each silvery love-dream is shattered,

Sunken in sea of tears

The sun of hope is far, far away,

Sing, so that each particle a friend may become !

Surrounded on all sides is darkness dense

Hurt is each heart, full of pain,

Shall mute cover of troubles life-long

For ever remain thus overhead?

Sing, that defeat victory may become !

Breath is overcast with helplessness-suffocation,

Smoldering is life smarting-burning fed,

Full of poisonous dense-dust particles

Is sky of man’s wishes,

Sing, so that suffering a music may become !


[108] A WISH


Let life flow freely,

Let it lead to victory!

Let each one find solace

Under the tree-shade of blessings!

Let there be songs played day and night

On the harp of the soul!

Let sweet dreams ever come

And bring pleasure and laughter!

Let no one be sad

Let laughter ring!

Let each man become gold

Made pure in the inner fire!

Let each one bear bravely

The knocks of the unknown fate!




Who are you long-lost in waiting,

So awake in the dark mid-night?

Clouds of darkness are fleeing fast

From end to end of universe,

The atmosphere is calm and quiet

And without a wink

The stars stare in sky

Who are you, sweet ! so awake

In the company of galaxy of stars?

Whose lamp is it burning

With light new at the door?

It is illuminating the path,

Light is reaching out far beyond,

What is this lamp, flickering alone

In the face of the furious wind?

Again and again to-day

Strikes somebody the chords of heart-lyre

And from black lustrous eyes now and then

Flows down love on both the cheeks,

What is that agony

Touching the heart of lotus full awake at night?




Please smile not and tempt me thus,

Or else I shall kiss your cheeks!

Yes, lavishly endowed with beauty you are

Your graceful eyes reflect the dream world of happiness

Where dance the naked damsels

Where new beauties enter and add to glamour

Go and join the beauty parade

Please shed not your lustre here!

How stealthy are your steps

Like a thief you traversed the sky

But no sooner the golden sun withdraws

All your lustre bewitching spreads out,

Cover not your limbs with attempt so vain!

For ages past I have seen you so mute

Tell me please, I ask, "Who are you?"

Now never shall you escape from view

Strewn is the entire court-yard with your treasure to-day

Please pause in your path

and enshrine me softly in your heart!




Cosy lies the moon on the star-spangled carpet!

So care-free physically,

Mentally so free from worries;

And so content with life

Holding somebody's loving 'Anchal'!

Cosy lies the moon on the star-spangled carpet!

With feelings all anew,

With imaginations all novel,

With desires all maiden;

And with a heart full of a world of dreams!

Cosy lies the moon on the star-spangled carpet!

With happiness oozing out of every breath,

With nectar like hopes,

And thirst eternal;

Clasping light luminous to his heart!

Cosy lies the moon on the star-spangled carpet!




Giving herself airs the moonlight approaches me,

Knowing me alone, the moonlight beguiles me ever!

Slowly on the parapets comes down the moonlight,

Lovely and sweet song sings the queenly moonlight!

On my roof and tin-shade spreads the moonlight,

With my hands and face openly plays the moonlight!

Sleeps not herself nor allows others, the moonlight,

At dawn, nobody knows where flees the moonlight!

This moonlight speaks not to me none knows why,

Fills the heart with strange nectar of love this moonlight!




No grievance have I against you today!

The helpless eyes conceal the whole secret

The pleasant pictures of our meeting

Are enshrined in the heart,

I think over and over again,

Far far away a new path search I!

No habit though have I of forgetfulness Dear!

No grievance have I against you today!

Willingly or unwillingly sweet dreams

I sometimes enjoy;

Thus intoxicated I conjure up your image

No harm if I smile,

And create a new world of my own;

No mischief indeed is this!

No grievance have I against you today!

Sometimes even a tree embraces a creeper lone,

The tired Lotus also takes the Bee in the cosy petal-fold

When she shields and shrinks

Your memory torments me all the more

Beauty of the universe is nobody's pawn!

No grievance have I against you today!




The man lives on

By the cravings of love!

The lightnings crash near him,

The tornadoes roar and rage around him,

But a faith mysterious

Over brims his heart,

And sleeps he cosy and comfortable

In the shade of dreams and visions splendid!

The man lives on by the cravings of love!

In front of him mountain peaks dizzy,

Around him yawn chasms deep

But fired with faith divine

The man moves on

To get comrades genial

On his way eternal!

The man lives on by the cravings of love!

The death's orchestra plays on,

The mango-groves once jubilant and gay

Are silent and deserted now;

But with faith divine

In the midst of tears and sighs

The man laughs on!

The man lives on by the cravings of love!


[115] WINTER


Wet and heavy is the night,

And far away is sleep!

A deep murkiness is all around,

And a long way off is the crimson morning,

All sounds are still,

At such a time, why are you silent,

Do share a secret with me!

The fog rains quietly,

Cooled has been the sky's heat,

Silently meet the earth and sky,

At such a moment be with me,

Or else, the cold body will shiver!

Only the silence reigns

Trees sway beyond the fields,

Unexpectedly do the doors rattle,

Do not open the window and peep out,

There is intoxicating wind lies in wait!




Slowly descended

The dew-drops

All through the night!

An ice-cold silence

Shields the sleeping earth,

On leaves and flowers danced

The love-puppet night,

The artist mist

Constructed a canopied dwelling!

Here, there and everywhere,

Like scattered diamonds are drops of water,

Stealthily prowl about

The gusts of wind,

Like a guard

Woke the waterfall ringing!

Lively is the gathering

Presided over by the night,

Her lover tightly held in her arms,

Wakes and sleeps the beloved,

Hidden somewhere

Is the frightened dawn !


[117] O WIND!


O wind!

Come, tuning a song,

Come, sweeping,

Shaking the boughs

Come, raising the dust!

Lovely fragrance filled

O vital Eastern Wind!

Come skipping

Over the distant mountain-peak!

O Wind!

Mad and over-brimming with youth

Come, kissing

These new green leaves

Come, humming a tune,

Come strewing the shreds of cloud!

Drunk and forgetful of mind,

Drunk and forgetful of body,

With laughter bubbling

Sweet and vivacious,

Vibrating the heart strings

Come, dancing!

O Wind!


[118] NEW LIFE


Man's life is filled with helpless moments;

The days and nights are all dark and dreary

And the stale talk of those dire needs

Rap my heart —

How long will it take the rains to come?

The song of life is left half-sung — never done!

The same old dreams deceive as yet,

And the heart is filled

With those very lusts, throbs and commotions —

How long will it take a new world to bear?

My life is filled with dreary moments!

The hot winds blow

Howling at the nests,

Scaring me to wonder —

How long will it take the spring to bloom?

My life is fading amidst autumn's dead leaves!

My fatigue-intoxicated body aches

And my heart is rendered

Weak, helpless and demoralized —

How long will it take to beam a smile?

My life becomes a show of skeleton!

Man's morrow is bright and gay,

Be it though not a better path,

Strewn with thorns, an intractable path,

But he tramples down the thorns

Alleviating adversities comes then

the New Life beaming smiles!

Mitigating darkness comes then

the New Life showering light!




We'll march removing hurdles,

Cleaving the dark

We'll march!

For, we know it well —

That lightning flashes not in the blaze of noon!

Awake, incessantly shall we proceed

Erecting an edifice anew.

For, we know it well —

That youth falters not — no, never!

The opposing gales will gaze in wonder,

And the adversities will then quickly end;

For, we know it well —

That the breaths of the undaunted

are wasted not — no, never!





Keep awake, in this world till dawn!

There is terror all around,

The wounded humanity weeps

Bear the strokes, till people are united!

Let each man be free from bondage

Fight against the current

Till the people's strife to victory rages!

Fight death,

Do not give up

Move towards the goal, do not stop

Till the savages are broken and defeated!





Remain awake

till it is morning the world over!

Fear frowns everywhere,

hurt humanity is wailing,

bear the brunt

till organized protests ensue!

Let every man be free from confinement,

contend against the tide,

till the flaring up of

the victory war of masses.

Fight death, feel not tired,

march unto the end, stop not

till the tormenters cower and crumble!




If life is pain,

Then bear its pangs

We must!

If life is a secret,

Then remain silent

We must!

If there is no harbour

Then row on

We must!

If life is a calamity

Then be washed away

We must!

If fire surrounds us,

Then burn constantly

We must!

How terrible is truth!

Then utter every falsehood

We must!




Like a flash of lightening

You came in the dark sky of my life!

In my arms you swung

When swayed freely the month of sawan1!

Like a shruti2 tune you rang

When the kajali3 was heard outside!

Like the music of anklets you chimed

When the tri-yama4 became fragrant!

Standing near the tulsi5 in the courtyard

You shone resplendent, O the only one!

Like a flame you glowed

Coming in my forlorn home and courtyard!


1 The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (rainy month)

2 A minute part of a musical note produced at the time of carrying one musical note to another.

3 A type of folk-song sung by ladies during Bhadon (a rainy month) festival.

4 Third part of the night — a time of union of husband & wife.

5 A famous basil plant. It is considered holy by Hindus and worshipped in their courtyards.





Today I remembered you,

My heart resounded with song !

As if the sound of Anhad1 echoed in my heart !

After years,

O, after years!

Your company was the only truth,

Your hand the only protection,

Everything has disappeared, but

The ecstasy of each lived moment remains!

Ages have entered oblivion,

Sowing dreams in nights,

But those sweet images

Have always inhabited my life!


1The inner sound of the heart which can be heared by yogis.





Your memory flashed up today

and titillated my mind,

after ages,

many years.

Your company

was a palpable fact,

your hand a handy armour.

Every thing is lost in the past

frequent infatuation persists.

Ages have gone by

slowly, gradually,

nursing dreams every night,

but those sweet kaleidoscopic pictures

have been the inspiration of life.




The blooming orchid in my yard

strews a multi-shaded grandeur sweet.

Her soft and silky tangled tresses

have a perfect shiny gloss.

She has snugness in her arms

and an insight in her eyes.

Naively she squeaks like a sparrow

and warbles dulcet notes.

Lanky and fresh

as if dangling from a tree twig

she feels bestowed upon the riches divine

and seems gloating over all her lot.

She appears thoroughly satisfied

adorned as she with trinkets fine.

The orchid is blooming

the beauteous blossom in my yard.


(To my grand-daughter baby Ira)




You create music [rhythm] in heart,

I will sing the song of life!

In this way

Let our age go on dwindling,

Let the throbbing breaths in our hearts

Move on!

Let the waving wick of love

Go on burning in both of our hearts!

Let the mutual emotion and compassion

Of our living souls

Go on cherishing!

You tell a story

Of enchanting love,

Listening which

I can sleep peacefully,

for a while!

And lose myself

In sweet and charming dreams

Forsaking my entire grief!

You make your tears of love

Overflow towards me,

I will make

The splendour of heaven

To stoop down

At your feet!


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