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[53 Lyrics]




1- Gift of Gold

2- Song of the Dawn

3- Boatman

4- Who are You?

5- You Embellished in Song

6- You Smiled

7- O, Destiny!

8- Queen Dawn

9- Pleasant Morning

10- Short Life

11- Merriment of Holi

12- Holi

13- Song of Equality

14- Let us Burn

15- Rain

16- Kindle the Lamp

17- Garland of Lamps

18- Investiture

19- Put on Lamps

20- Attachment for Beauty

21- Illusion

22- The Night is Passing

23- The Night of Aghan

24- You are Away

25- To the Beloved

26- Birhin

27- Waiting

28- Yearning

29- Fill with Love

30- Vigil

31- Deception

32- No More

33- Dawn Just to Appear

34- You

35- Don’t be Hard-Hearted

36- The Beam

37- Who Says ...

38- Spring

39- Sawan has Come

40- Clouds and Moon

41- Request

42- In Moonlight

43- What Wrong I Did?

44- The Song of Separation

45- Thanks

46- Clouds have Hovered

47- Sleep

48- Light the Lamp

49- Restless Within

50- My Moon

51- In the Darkness of Amavas

52- We Had Met

53- In Vain

Translated by : Dr. Kalpana Rajput

Revised by : Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar




Dawn brought the gift of gold!


O, buds! wake up and get up,

fill the gift in anchal1,

Get decorated in golden appearance,

fill sweet feelings in red-roses,

Filling new brilliance in body,

Swing in new gusto,

In odorous cold ripples,

Every love-laden vein is heart-stealer!


Open the inner oriels-doors-windows all,

Now, never surround the visage in such darkness.

O, bathe in golden sea,

O, decorate the body with ornaments,

O, sing song of a new morn,

Let the heart-peacock dance lustrously!


1 Hem, Lap




Ruddiness of the dawn infused love in the heart stealthily!

When fresh first ray fell on body

Ignorant playful heart became — a deer,

With the guileless raptures of love,

And the overwhelmed emotions of modesty,

Came cold breeze of dawn and made

the body aromatic!

Seeing dear dawn, when little lotus bloomed,

It appeared as if the gift of heaven was found,

Swinging branches wearing new ornaments,

How joyful is the atmosphere!

Filling golden tint, the dawn made earth fresh!




Evening is accumulating around, Boatman!

Filling tears in the eyes

now, somebody might have kindled the lamp,

And balancing the anklets

somebody might have sung the song,

Echoing the secret of the life,

continuously calling the sandy bank of the sea!

Splendour of the dawn is spreading around, Boatman!


Somebody might have decorated herself

in saffron auspicious,

Somebody's silvery love

might have dazzled like moon,

Turn the helm

towards the returning colourful birds,

Creation is entirely an illusion, Boatman!




Like redness of dawn

overcast the heart-sky,

who, you are?

Coloured the dull world with love,

Filled the mute world with sweet song,

Offered the golden world, so easily,

which is found only, in having a great fortune,

Like spring, perfumed the mango-groves,

who, you are?

Roaming in the lonely galleries of heart,

Swinging, embracing with fresh rays-arms,

Awoke my dream-beguiled deceptive life-conscience

by the act of caressing,

Allured me so much, like a sky-fairy,

who, you are?

Filled my void, dejected heart-lake

Gave tune to passion and compassion,

Shining new peaks of desires,

Made my love honest-auspicious-beautiful,

Charmed me so much,

O, pious!

who, you are?




You embellished my look in your song,

I'll embellish you in my heart with love!

Hue of tender feelings is filled,

Seeing it, fields light-green are blooming,

Don't give so much love, sustain a little,

When you inhabited me in your song

I shall stay you in my thoughts for ever!

You gave your arms to unsupported life,

You gave cloud-like shade to heated body,

And filled new desire to live,

You confessed your love in song

I shall express my heart — singing that song!




You smiled, the lotus of my heart bloomed!

Seeing you, I rejoiced, I attained my attainable!

My moon! why did you raise

Tide in the ocean of life in such a way?

O, Beautiful lady! my ages' homeless love

Got support in you!

Now, a novice dream of love, inhabited in eyes!

O, charming cloud of Sawan1!

Why did you wet me like this?

O, Lightning! why you did so restlessly

embrace me in your arms with love?

May we never be detached, O, destiny! be kind!


1 The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (Rainy month)




O, Destiny! the plant of my courtyard may not be dried!

It is the symbol of first sweet acquaintance,

May swing, wave and remain ever-green,

O, Destiny! the heart of my lover may not be hurt!

On the long rugged, lonely path

The life may pass joyfully,

O, Destiny! the heart of my heart-dweller

may never remain indifferent!

The world may never look us with ill-will,

The darkness of pain may go far away,

O, Destiny! my youth may never remain separation-burnt!


1The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (Rainy month)




Simple-hearted pretty young queen-dawn is bathing

in blue sky-lake, delightfully!

Bound in love-act with Moon

she drank the lip-nectar whole night,

And redeemed it with her sacred love,

made the world fragrant

with fresh sweet-scented paint,

Thinking love-gestures, flows the reddish silky threads!

Whose face is filled with new hue of lotus,

As if carrying the feelings of satisfaction,

Blessed pleasing heart delighted

in sweet thoughts of her lover,

Without any purpose, diffusing water-drops,

every quarter in cheerful mood!




Every morning of life may be refreshing!

Stuff the laughter of spring,

of rivers, shores, moist banks,

of flowers, bracelets and garlands,

Every particle's tale may be a comedy!

Sweet songs of birds

Crazy love of raptures

Innermost waves of modesty,

Illusive world may not be strange!

With pleasing looks of love

Fill the world with desires,

with enfolding loving arms,

May youth be exciting and loving!




The world of flowers is ours!

We spend lavishly the bright laughter,

Fly sweet nectar of flowers,

Likable to us; the swinging of the wind,

Every thread of jingling heart is ours!

Take us to make garland,

Collect us to adorn the 'Maang'1

(of your beloved life-partner)

To inhabit your lonely dwelling,

Too innocent love is ours!

Don't shy, seeing us,

Don't express deceptive feelings,

Oh, don't tease so much!

The adornment of short duration is ours!


1 Parting line of hair (on a lady's head)




It's the month of 'Fagun'2, joy of Holi is all round,

Delightful ardent passions seen every where!

Beads studded in ears of corn, golden fields,

United are dancing merrily all around!

Showering love, East Wind is rambling,

Showing its green beauty, mustard is standing with unfold face!

Tabor, cymbals, drum are being played on in every village,

Accompanying are intoxicating new melodious words!

Wearing silver Payal3, O, girl-companion dance,

There has come desired lover, playful girl-friend, dance!


1 A Hindu festival.

2 The last month of the Indian Calendar..

3 An ornament for the ankles.


[12] HOLI


Holi, came once again, with varied new colours,

Holi, brought once again the intoxicated raptures!

Holi, once again came showering gold in the day,

Holi, hovered once again diffusing silver all the night!

Holi, Oh, when did fasten the tinkling bells in my feet!

Holi, being well executed the tune, has filled dancing gestures in body!

Holi, poured out in the heart forcibly intoxicating liquor,

Look, how our step-motions have become peculiar now!

Holi, we are playing drum in your welcome,

Holi, having intoxicated we are spreading Gulal1 all round!


1 Red farinaceous powder which Hindus throw on each other's person during the Holi festival.




Let us bathe today

In the colours of human equality!

The light of those bright colours —

which is inherent in everybody's body and heart,

Mingle in the them

your dull shining twilight, now,

And just throw away

the collected age long concealed dirt!

Forget all differences of the world

of colour-caste, of money-rank-age,

Only echo in all directions

the sounds of victory of human glory and greatness,

Demolish today

the pride-fort of false dignity!




Let us burn

Sin instigating desires!

Let we become a new perfect human,

Completely free from inferiority, peerless,

Let us rejuvenate

The emotions of universal liking!

May there be no mutual antipathy,

Love for individual freedom may bloom,

Let us abolish

Trampled devilish servitude!

Life may not be hard at every foot-step,

Storm may not persist on sky all times,

Let us shed

Villainous, demoniacal, calamities!


[15] RAIN



Embracing fresh slaty clouds

Love-laden rain has come!

It gave, at ease, every dejected heart

the gift of sweet feelings!


Breaking the continuous monotonous sound

when creating a tune, clouds shower drizzling showers,

Then secret beauty of new-creation

Spreads uncovered to the far horizons!


Bearing new stirs in the pond of heart

Waves are dancing amorously,

In indistinct current of sweet sap

Oh, which drenched my life like this!




Kindle lamp in every courtyard,

Celebrate the festival of lamps!

Golden light may spread in every home,

Visage may be attractive, each particle may be bright,

Sea of lustre may fluctuate!

Adorn the pitch dark night!

Filling roli1 in the night's lock of hair,

The glimmering innocent rays may dance,

Clouds of light may come overcastting,

Bathe, forgetting all remembrance!

Remain full with fresh love every heart,

Earth — wept for ages, be blessed,

Come O, fortunate wives! with worship plates

And flow lamps in the celestial Ganga!


1 The red powder which is used by Hindus in worship or in filling the maang of a married woman.




Enjoyment is spreading in each home, today!

With sweet exciting music

And with love brimming heart

Flamy lamps are dwelling in each home, today!

With youthful golden body

The glittering night

Is distributing laughter-gift in each home, today!

With lovely decoration

With raptures of recreation

Lamps are performing circular dance1 in each home, today!


1 A dance performed by Lord Krishna.




Agreed, it is the dark Amavas! night,

But, why to be terrified?

Assume — in a moment

I kindle the bright radiant lamps,

Agreed, the appearance of dear earth is not graceful,

But, assume — in a wink,

With quite new art, I adorn a brand new bride again!

Tell darkness that now it is the rule of light,

Crown is adorned on the head of every lamp,

Assume — in some moments

I convene investiture in all quarters!


1 The last day of the dark half of a month.




(Girl) Friend! Put on lamps!

Dark night may not come now,

There may be no downpour of darkness any more,

In extinguishing lamps

Friend! Fill sneh1, quietly!

Face of lover may shine with laughter,

In the hope of coming suitable new time,

With reddish lips

Friend! Talk, gently!

Wet years of separation are passed

Blessed new passionate songs may echo,

Friend! the husband has come

Win his heart, silently!


1 Love, Affection / Oily substance




Glittering beauty of someone doesn’t allow me to sleep!

Enchanting last quarter of the night,

The world is covered with dense darkness,

With lively cold waves of love

Smiles, attractive simple face of someone!

Heavy pain that I got

Is a diamond for my poor heart,

Collyrium, with tears of pleasant love,

Glimmering, inexperienced simple life-time of someone!

Charmed peacock-like delighted heart,

Restless arms eager to embrace the sky,

How hard-felt is the fire of separation,

Disturbing, sweet fragrance-memory

of someone!




Like magnolia-perfume your memory is impregnated my breaths!

Jasmine-like elegant, delicate-bodied, where are you?

Where is your rainbow-like glittering coloured appearance?

Mesmerizing1 me, your charming beauty is overspreading!

You, are like Kalp-latika2 for all human imaginations,

Made life a garden, full of Java3 flowers,

Losing all, I only silently flowed the celestial Ganga of my soul!

Where are you, my illusion, true?

Aasavari4 of my heart, dhoop-chhanh5 of my contentment

I have adorned my way of life-gallery

with your life-paintings!


1 Madhumati-mad (Trance-state / Half-conscious state)

2 According to Indian mythology, the tree of Lord Indra's paradise, which yields anything desired.

3 A red flower used in worship the idol of goddess.

4 A musical mode.

5 Cloth in which wrap and waft are of different colours.




Your memory is haunting,

The night is passing!

Today, in such a solitude of life

I awake in your thoughts,

The whole creation has slept,

Earth is singing a lullaby!

Many sights swing in the eyes,

Your each past talk seems alive,

Even, your casual looks of bygone days

Are appearing pleasant this day!

We are flowing in the stream of time,

But, O, sweet-heart! have faith in love,

Tomorrow, creeping-plant of heart will flourish,

Which is fading how much, now!




During this cool night of aghan; Oh, I missed you!

Since evening, the lonely heart is very cumbersome,

Somewhat faded is the lotus of life —

helplessness of what sort!

Not known, how far is the golden morn!

Losing the riches of dreams,

eyes are helpless, heavy and empty,

Looking the course of destiny, with drops of tears,

Heart is throbbing like the leaf of peepal2 tree!

The hem of Rohini3 is far; silent moon weeps,

Wide-spread moonlight-sea is searching every corner,

Whom to tell the secret of heart!


1 Ninth month of the Indian Calendar (Margsheersh)

2 A holy tree of Hindus.

3 According to Hindu mythology, wife of moon. Fourth amongst twenty-seven constellations.




Dear! far way you are,

my heart is immensely restless!

Environment somewhat is strange, today,

As if somebody has snatched the essence of life,

Am I so unfortunate

being myself is the cause of separation-pain!

Simply, regretting silently,

Life — a gloomy night!

Missing somewhere the luminous-garland,

Disturbed sawan1 is showering at the door,

All alone am I

During the extreme end of the night,

Although, awakened, but forgotten every thing,

Eyes don't fall asleep even for a moment!


1 The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (rainy month)




Otherwise, to remain far, like this

Why did you live in my heart?

Way of life is unknown

With provisions nil,

Storm is raising in the sky , in the heart,

No peace even for a moment,

Otherwise, to bear the burden alone

Why did you so fix thyself in my thoughts?

Oh, the fire — of life's dearths,

Is burning all around,

Depression is enclosed in my spirit,

Tired is the peacock of heart,

Otherwise, to burn so mutely

Why you impressed so much, the soul of my songs?


[26] BIRHIN1


O Dear, when will you spread

your innocent rosy smile!

Heart is out of sorts, lonely and very heavy,

O, merciful, touch my heart-beats,

This Birhin is waiting for you,

with heart full of life's burning pangs!

The vine of youth is fading in the sunlight,

Tell her about the sweet sensual love,

Wearing silver anklets

I wish to dance like a peahen to my heart's content!

Night is sleeping with her heart-stealer — Moon,

Every direction, like an emotional woman,

is vibrating with songs,

Hey, How to bear such an unknown sweet pain of heart!


1 A woman who is separated from her lover.




How many days passed

Dreams didn't come!

Entire night I remained wakeful,

Upset heart is unsteady like a peepal1-leaf,

Secret desires gathered and disappeared,

Dear husband didn't come!

Clouds making noise in the sky,

Peacocks dancing in forests — this and that,

My heart-stealer, Alas! has forgotten me,

Home didn't come!

Filling buds-flowers in the hem,

Set afloat lamps at the river-bank,

Longed eagerly to get the foot-dust,

Feet didn't come!


1 A holy tree of Hindus




How much sweet dreams you bestowed,

But, arranged not the least love on earth!

Alone, I am searching in this world, for ages,

But, didn't get desired intimate friend anywhere,

Helplessly, time of life passed in hue and cry,

Couldn’t hear charming music for a moment,

You poured the milky oceans of smiles,

But, didn't drench a single heart with compassion!

On one side, you spread well adorned

colourful merriments of hundreds of springs,

And distributed, with both hands, in gratis

Jewels like Sun and Moon; bracelets of Star-flowers so,

But, on my prolific life-course

You didn't sow a single seed of sweetness!




O Dear, fill Sneh1 in my silently extinguishing lamp, this day!

The wick may shine, and splendour spread,

World of mine may turn into a fresh golden appearance,

Everlasting smile may play on tear-drenched visage,

To the life — silent-troubled-cursed —

Give love-boon of worldly pleasures!

The door of my heart is closed for ages,

Strayed away and wandered in darkness — my love,

Every string of my life-harp is broken,

Sinking in the worldly ocean,

Give him arms, give him voice of faith!


1 Love, Oily substance


[30] VIGIL


Far somewhere, continuously

Sweetly, the harp is being played!

Intoxicating night has come,

Every quarter is intoxicated,

Remembrance recurrent in the mind,

Consciousness immersed in the thoughts of beloved!

The world is sleeping silently,

Lost in sweet dreams,

In absence of water-like look of the beloved

eyes transfigured themselves into fish!

Filled with hope and despair,

Infused with thirst of life,

The heart is restless, silent and sad!

Every moment is weeping,

Oh, what sort of calamity has fallen down

As if everything of mine was snatched!




Whom I thought boon

Same became a curse!

New moon had just glittered,

Clouds, at once, spread in the sky,

As soon as the garden became fragrant

Thunderbolts flashed on the head,

Whom I considered propitious and sacred

Same became a bitter sin!

Getting whom I decorated dreams of life,

They became only ironies of fate,

On whom gold reflected bright light,

Same are smeared now with ashes,

Whom I considered the essence of pleasure

Same became more and more painful!


[32] NO MORE


On my sky, no more, the moon will rise!

In your memory, the whole life will pass,

Ought to cross the dark lonely path,

How this load of sad life will be sustained!

Losing the raptures;

calm, helpless, mute, fruitless heart,

Losing the waves of emotions,

perpetually immersed in sadness, poor heart,

The tide of excitement

will not remain in the ocean of life, any more!

Love-delighted, joy-filled, rainbow-coloured Holi,

Passion-drenched Pancham Rag1, echoing in the garden,

Never known, destiny will swallow, this way!


1 The fifth note in music; acknowledged as the note of cuckoo's cooing.




Don't shed tears more,

The dawn is approaching!

All lamps are extinguished

Came such a hurricane,

All supports are demolished,

Browbeat the clouds of annihilation,

Being defeated, O, Traveler! Don't stagger,

The dawn is approaching!

Stream is overflowing, leaving its course helplessly,

Horrible darkness is overcast —

Intoxicated ... unrestrained,

Don't relinquish the hope in the advent of Sun,

The dawn is approaching!


[34] YOU


Truly, how innocent you are!

Gestures are beyond your comprehension,

Sweet feelings of your heart can't be perceived,

Engrossed in yourself, indeed you are

The companion of supernatural fairies!

You are not formal in the least, for a moment,

Even then, heaven knows, how you remain in my mind!

Becoming a spring-air,

You loiter — forest to forest!




Dear! don't look towards me

with such extraordinary large eyes!

Don't reflect so much lunar-attraction,

on flooded heart,

I touch your feet, please take aside

the lustre of your beauty,

Or, throwing tie of silky rays,

arrest me in your eyes!

No more shower the pleasant love-nectar

on the surface of my mind,

This is not proper, after enchanting,

pine the heart, like this,

Allow me, at least to touch

your sparkled flower-marked hem!

In this rainfall of beauty,

impressed-wet-heart is forgetting the way,

Mind, you shall be responsible,

if overflowing ocean of youth breaks limits,

Will you come nearer,

don't be so hard-hearted!




The innocent beam of the moon

is descending with joy!

Seeing the whole creation slept,

On the unhindered silvery sky-route

Taking upon body-parts,

cautiously putting the speedy footsteps!

Remaining free, trampled the route,

Every village, house, street and city,

Neither remained a little calm-quiet,

nor performed her routine night-sleep!




Who says, my moon is not a living being?

My moon laughs and smiles excellently,

Plays and then hides herself far off,

Who says, my moon's heart doesn’t palpitate?

Throughout the night she also remembers someone,

Observe, she also sighs in separation, often,

Who says, my moon is not in full youth?

She ever gives to the world coolness,

She ever showers dense nectar-rain,

Who says, my moon is not able

to give sandalwood-like soothing sensations?




Today, Dear! every limb is full of gusto, as the spring has come!

Far off green fields are waving,

Full with fresh odour breeze is roaming,

Experiencing strange feelings birds are singing,

Today, Dear! genuine feeling of love occupied the heart!

The garden bloomed with varied flowers and leaves,

Silently, sky is singing the song, moving to and fro,

Dawn is blushed, being an auspicious moment for union,

full of newness, freshness, oddness!




Sing, Dear! the songs of love!

Lively sawan has come,

Clouds of love are pouring down,

Far away, in the fields

watery, contented, grand greenery smiles,

On the branches, agile buds burst into laughter

Spilling cups full of ambrosia,

Don't go far from my presence,

Come and persist in my life!

Cool breeze is blowing,

Whispering something in the ear,

Musical notes, during bird's union,

are reverberating in the garden,

The heart of the earth is palpitating,

Influenced by the silent and loving attraction of the creation,

Particles of the world are being in motion,

With the feeling of disinclination,

You please don't go, avoiding me like this!


1 The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (Rainy month)




Moon is playing hide and seek

with fragments of clouds in the sky!

The moon is beautiful, charming, attractive and fair-bodied,

Why is so absorbed; while the cloud is ugly and black,

Can anyone tell, how happened such an improbable, this night?

Both are constantly flying

But as the cloud laughs, intense passionate moon

Then, caught himself, in both the arms of the cloud,

Who can say, who'll lose the chance!

By running , both have approximately measured

The sky with footsteps,

Both have a bit taken and a bit given, today,

May this pretty pair live long and remain ever youthful!




Dear, come and buzz

the chord of my dormant heart!

Resplendent moonlight is spread in sky and earth,

Night, as if lost in herself, is silent,

And how lovely you are — O, exciting lady!

Bring me under control

and fill intense passions in me, for a moment!

Intoxicating red are the beautiful lips.

Eyes are more innocent simple than a doe,

Body is fair-skinned — like lightening, glass and water,

Arms are like branches — new and fleshy,

Just now, hum a sweet new song

Full of life!

The world is more beautiful than heaven,

Every quarter is echoing,

Hey, this love is acceptable to the world,

O Dear Partner! long-awaited

sweet union-festival, now celebrate!




Bathe in new moonlight, bathe!

Today, stars slept, shutting their eyes,

A few are running towards the horizon,

Untied now our hearts' knots,

On the bed of beam, celebrate the love-night!

Gusts of wind singing union-songs,

Sweet notes have moved the heart,

New dreams are staying again,

Laugh and remove the curtain of hitch!

Youth awoke moving and smiling,

Unfolding and shying, came nearer,

Brought many respectful-persuasions,

Beautiful-faced! Don't hold yourself forcibly, any more!

Somebody embraced the black-bee,

Passionately slept in the odourous embrace,

Caressing with love, swung in the cradle,

O, bashful lady! Capture me too!




Tell, what wrong I did with you?

You were half-bloomed tender bud,

When you met me first by oversight,

I too had an experience insufficient,

It was difficult to control myself for a moment,

That's why, I accepted you as mine forever!

In panorama of life, the night was dark,

Both were lost in themselves, had no aim,

When I was standing alone and confused

Love! I found you surrendering yourself,

That moment, you offered me all your love,

preserved through ages!

You did not stop my embracing hand,

You were free from any anxiety,

surely, there was no deception,

You came in my lock-up, without uttering a word,

As if I got the boon in its body-form,

How simple, mute, innocent, crazy the heart was!




Your devoted love is now with you!

The life of mine is the night of Amavas1,

It's only a matter of repentance,

Today, my home is deserted,

Humming on silent lips is the song of separation,

But, happy I am —

A pleasant world is now around you!

I was destined for the mirage,

Even the dainty nectar turned sharp poison,

Near acquaintance has now become tentacles ,

Previous meetings became painful, at this moment,

But, happy I am —

Auspicious adornment is now in your lot!

Life is full of tornadoes,

Without sneh2, how long the lamp will alight,

The terrible tide is advancing

The helm, which was in hand, has fallen,

But, happy I am —

You stand on firm foundation, now!


1 The last day of the dark half of a month.

2 Love, Oily substance.




You bestowed

blooming-lotus-like transient smile to closed lips,

Kind of you, thanks!

Full-blown spring was scattered

On every branch of the world,

When each whit of the earth played fresh Holi,

Echoing my heart's silent space, you sang a melodious song!

Kind of you, thanks!

Dense-open woods covered in cool rays of the full moon,

When new lamps of hope used to flicker,

in the hearts of everyone,

In my darkness of ages,

you brought that glimmering gold morn,

Kind of you, thanks!

When, full of intense passions, lovers play flutes,

for beloved persuasions,

Echoes of songs and jingle sound

when come from each house,

Your presence, for only a short duration,

inhabited my deserted heart-home!

Kind of you, thanks!

When the evening comes with life and love,

On every crossroad, fair of lovers'-meet followed,

Crushed with the aspersions of the world

You awake again my broken ego!

Kind of you, thanks!




Looking your intoxicating smile, clouds have gathered!

Feeling your eyes thirsty, clouds have hovered!

O, Young lady! your anklets are jingling,

Always, swing each pal1, your well-built, beautiful, delicate body,

The charm of your appearance is now no more tolerable,

Seeing for a blink only, eyes are arrested!

Jhumer2 shines on the span of your bright-red-fair forehead,

Your curly hair are flying frou-frou in the air,

Each limb of your beautiful body, bent with its own load,

Your flowered hem slips from the breast, over and over!

Hearing your song, the whole world faints,

Settling a world of much pleasure, it sleeps care-free,

Sinking in your song's tune, the ship of heart lost,

You overflow the stream of love — unknown and straight!

Indelible is, from my memory, your that meet at Panghat3,,

O, beautiful-faced! being restless when I said, ''You are very naughty!''

At that very moment your veil of shyness opened,

Your those wile less words were very charming and intoxicating!


1 Equal to 24 seconds.

2 An ornament worn on the head.

3 A quay from which people draw water.


[47] SLEEP


At this moment, my eyes are becoming sleepy!

Night — coming from the sky, is patting;

like mother's gentle hands,

The hem, engraved with bright stars, is spreading,

Drowsy eyes feeling comfortable,

Ripples of shining nectar

are trickling from the moon-like face!

The resonance of your affectionate melodious song

is being heard, in the shaking of flowers and branches,

That very music is reverberating

from the side by stones, rivers and rivulets,

Melody is soothing the heart with delighted feelings!

The gates of eyelids have closed, but dreaming as —

I am sipping cool milk from someone's new breast,

Yes, well in senses too; know where am I,

A healthy fleshy, swaying-body-shadow is covering me!




In my desolate home —

Darkness of ages is overspread,

Life-lamp was lighted — it's a dream,

As much affection is in you

I'll know — it is mine

If you kindle the lamp in my distressed heart!

What's this life from ages? — a desert,

Exists on the earth like a furnace,

Lonely path, again with full of waves of mirage,

I'll accept — there is a ocean of passion in you

If you bathe my sterile heart!

Each moment, coming and going

only of sandy storms,

What being built? — even the remaining collapses

I'll understand — the value of your songs

If you amuse my heart — a dry-pond!

It'll not be possible to remain alive

Even for a moment, for the body and heart,

of the wax-like vein,

No remedy, only to bear assaults silently,

I'll realize — the magic of tenderness

If you tickle the wounds of my stony heart!




The heart is restless, today,

to talk something, Dear!

The monotonous prolonged silence

is burdensome, now,

When cool, wet, silvery ocean

is waving, continuously,

The heart is restless

To meet freely, Dear!

When young sprouts have overcast

in dry insipid creation,

Oh, I destined

only a solitary place,

The heart is restless

to unfold some secrets, Dear!


[50] MY MOON


My moon is away from me!

Solitary night is crying in empty sky,

The darkness is pouring down from all directions,

That's why, the brightness of lily is without glow!

God knows, in which loneliness writhes The Innocent!

There is a great risk to her life — Oh, she might have not taken poison,

Since, she is imprisoned in a towering mansion, and helpless!

These eyes are looking continuously, with joy, hope and trust,

to each and every ray of light, rising in the horizon,

Because, it is true, she has certainly the yearning to meet!




Behind which curtains of sky,

concealed is moon, at this time?

I am asking you,

O, silent glittering stars!

I am asking you,

O, incessantly flowing streams!

Beneath which depth, concealed is moon, at this time?

I am asking you,

O, free and slow gusts of wind!

By whom my moon is stolen

Run and stop him swiftly,

Beyond, too far from the eyes, concealed is moon, at this time!

I am asking you,

O, Trees! guards thousands,

Why are you standing quietly?

Call the name, with your full voice!

Away somewhere from my world, concealed is moon, at this time!


1 The last day of the dark half of a month.




We had met, for some moments,

on the path of life!

The heavy burden of monotonous silence

had been lessened!

The deep dark smoke of tiredness and melancholy

had been emitted,

Acquiring you, pleasure waves waved

on the deserted heart and mind!

But, did the way of life

ever become man's destination?

Could ever remain overcast

cloudiness in the sky of happy Saawan?1

Just found out, how rare and valuable

are the moments of love,

Time and again, still resound

pieces of your song!


1 The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (Rainy month)


[53] IN VAIN


Day and night went astray, in every place,

To attain the world of happy heaven!

The buds bloomed or half-bloomed

When, swung to captivate the Madhup1!

Pined, in a lonely place

To get the gift of pleasurable aromatic body!

In life, what did and what not,

To get your love for a few moments!

Remain absorbed in perplexity continuously

To get the base-point of faith!

By putting the life at stake

Continued to play, knowing defeat as fore-decided!


1 A large black-bee

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